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Friday, November 7, 2008

A New Start

Assalamualaikum wbt.
I've been having some trouble accessing my own blog kat lifelogger. When I asked jrazlina, she said this problems are quite common and she herself is planning to move to this blogspot. So, since my sifu nak pindah, aku pun kena la pindah. Nanti susah la pulak nak mintak tunjuk ajar. Aku ni dgn teknologi ni tak berapa nak masuk, so kita ikut je la kata sifu.

Tapi, sebagai anak murid yang baik, dan sebagai dedikasi utk sifunya (muahahahaha...) sblm sempat jrazlina pindah, aku dah pindah dulu. Wakakaka... Anyway, aku tau, belum pun sempat aku gi jauh, dia dah jauhhhh potong aku. Biasa la kan. Lampi.

So, welcome to my new world, new place. This is my first blog in my new space. And since I'm moving here, I might bring along all my previous articles in my previous home. But then, you have to wait for that since I still can't access my old blog and the copies of the articles are not with me in this laptop. They're in my PC at my office. And I'm almost two hundreds kilometer away from my office.

Lepas aku masukkan semua rtikel dr blog lama, baru aku masukkan artikel2 baru yang aku belum publish. Nanti tak bersusun, pening lak kepala hotak berjambul (Mail Kering kata kepala hotak ber'hackel'...) aku nih. So, till then, chow.


heartisbroken said...

takde sifu2 der.. it's your own effort.. your own idea.. etc etc.. hehehe..

Gud luck in blogging. Still stuck with LL, wish could transfer as soon as possible.. byk posting tuuuu..

idi said...

hahahah.... this is the first... comment and reply. heart broken? Come join our very own Kelab Jiwa Luka... hehehe..