Singgoh Le Dulu Aok Yer

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I went for a job screening in Seremban last February where I met two good old friends of mine, Pen & Dock. After that job screening, I went for an interview for that particular job in Kelana Jaya, where I met another friend, Dato' Cemat. That was the time when I stucked in a traffic jam for 3hrs & 45 mins. (read the post here).

After both screening & interview, I went for another job interview here in Kuantan. One of the hardest interview I ever had in my 37 years of life... hehehe. After the interview, I was given a task and submit it to them in two days time. Semua2 dah settle, and, I do have positive mind that I will get the job.

Alhamdulillah, with help from Pen & Cemat, dan juga berkat doa keluarga dan kawan2, and you readers, I received the Letter of Appointment for the first job on which I need to report for duty on 3rd of May 2010. But then, it's not going to be in Seremban, they have decided to send me to Melaka. The reason they gave to me was their branch in Melaka is a small branch and they need my experience to boost up their operation there. Also, my talent may shine brighter there compared to Seremban. Hmmm... Melaka pun OK, adik bongsu aku ada kat Melaka.

I've talk to my boss, and he's willing to let me go. And I promise him to come over once in a while to help this company in any arrears needed. Nak bagitau baik tak baik bos aku ni, he's giving the company's car I'm using now to me, dgn syarat aku sambung jer monthly installment sampai habis. It's so fair since I'm the one using the car. Once the car hp is fully paid, he will change the car ownership into my name. Therefore, I don't have to seek for new loan with higher interest rate for the car. Buying a new car is not an option for me for the time being due to my financial status... Ahaks... Where else can you find a rare good hearted human being like this man??

I'm happy for the offer, though a bit lower than what I requested, but it's still a good offer. I was so happy when i got a call from their HR department saying that I got that job. Rasa mcm nak start hari tu jugak. Giler meghoyan ke apa... hahaha...

But, deep inside, I am still hoping that I get the job in Kuantan. I'm still waiting for the result. Apart from a better offer in terms of money, post and career path, another biggest point is, I will still be in Kuantan, where my children go to school everyday, where my father drives his taxi and most importantly, where my hearts is. This is my hometown, where I grew up. There's a lot of memories here, good and bad, ups and downs.

Not that I don't like to be in another place, I've been travelling all over Malaysia except for Sarawak. It's just that moving away is not an easy option like it use to be. I have two kids now, both under my custody. Moving away means they have to adapt to new place, new environment, new school, new teachers, new friends, and I really don't have any idea if they're ready for all that. When I told them about the job offer, they say, they don't mind moving. Wherever I need to be. But facing new environment is not as easy as saying it. Guess it's a worth situation to gamble on.

Well, whatever decision I'll come to later on, I wish to thank Pen & Cemat for this oppurtunity. I remember, my very first job after I graduate years ago, Pen jugak yg tolong aku. Also to all frens who prayed for me and my family well beings. Also to my family. All this happen sbb rahmat Allah, berkat doa kalian semua. Harap teruskan doakan utk aku dan keluarga.

Thanks all.

p/s : How's my English? Been rusty after all these years. Dah la belajar English sampai Form 3 je..


Azhar Omar said...

Bro, congrats.

Ini semua berkat kesabaran ko membesarkan permata hati ko tu. Take it bro. Mana tau this job offer benar2 boleh mengubah hidup ko, mengubah impian menjadi realiti (hehehehe)

I wish u all the best bro. Ngan CGC gak ke? Caya la ...

Idi said...


InsyaAllah. Berkat doa kau jugak ni. Thanx bro.

NURA said...

Tahniah!!!semoga ia sebagai titik permulaan untuk kau lebih berjaya dan gilang gemilang lagi.Semoga di tempat baru itu akan membawa banyak hikmah...mungkin boleh dapat isteri kot..hehhehe.Apa-apa pun jgn lupa kawan-kawan bila dah berjaya nanti.

Anonymous said...

in a perfect world, i :-

1. am married with 4 kids
2. am living in a decent house in Padang Midin, 10km drive to Kuala terengganu
3. have a peaceful-mind job
4. sleep for 8-9hours a day
5. have proper breakfast
6. could perform maghrib/isyak at surau nearby my house daily
7. watch 8 o'clock news in front of TV
8. read story books to my kids before they sleep
9. buying sayur di pasar tani with my wife every saturday morning
10. not being distracted by tenths n hudnreds of phone calls, SMSes, emails every night and day
11. am still dreaming, hoping and wishing.

That's life for me - something I have lost and getting lost.

As for you, as long as you set your heat to a place you call home, then, surely love will lead you back there. In the meantime, cherish while you can, miss it while you cant.

It is what I do...:)


sue said...


It's true, it is not easy to 'move'. A lots of things need to think & consider.

Decision making might make u worry of d results.

Doa, usaha & tawakal.


Idi said...

Thanx. InsyaALlah, aku akan terus ingat kawan2 aku. Aku boleh ingat ko, kawan aku dr sblm sekolah rendah lagi...


My fren. Life ain't perfect. That's why it's called Life. Apa pun , aku doakan semoga satu hari nanti, tidak jauh dr hari ini, kau capai yr perfect life.

Thanx 4 the advise, bro. Appreciate it so much.

Thanx. Dlm hidup sebenarnya yg paling sukar bukan utk membuat keputusan, tetapi yg lebih sukar ialah utk meneruskan hidup dgn keputusan yg kita buat. Semoga kita semua diberi petunjuk utk keputusan dan kehidupan yg terbaik.

Azhar Omar said...


We are not born to make a right decision. Instead, we are born to make a decision and make it right.

Chah said...

bahagia bukan sebab duit, deritapun bukan berpunca dari duit...carilah yg terbaik untuk ko & the kids bro..1 foloooo...

Idi said...


That's what I mean. Making a decision right is so much harder than making a right decision.


Betul tu Chah. Duit bukan segalanya. "Dunia ini sepi, jika hatimu sepi, walaupun engkau berada di tengah pesta..."